Is it Unpatriotic to Avoid the Coming Price Inflation?

Some people believe it is patriotic to deprive a wasteful government of the capital that is being seized and squandered by it.  Fortunately, with the way the tax laws are written, that can still be done legally.  At some point, it may not be legal to do so.  Others believe the government will protect them from all evil, and that all the bad things that happened in far-away places generations ago could never happen here.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  At some point, it becomes politically impossible for a government to stop printing their currency units, as everyone needs more, especially as prices rise.  What’s worse is that at some point, governments believe they are above the laws of supply and demand and think they have the power to print more currency units and not have those units become worthless.  They also believe that the government is more important than its citizens and the citizens are there for the government’s convenience and “protection,” rather than the other way around.  That’s when things really go downhill.

At that point, anyone not agreeing with the all-knowing government becomes an “enemy of the state.”  In the United States, anyone using U.S. dollars who doesn’t like being fleeced out of their purchasing power becomes a potential enemy of the state.  Anyone who tries to avoid being fleeced out of their purchasing power by buying foreign currencies or gold, silver, or bitcoin becomes both “unpatriotic” and an enemy of the state.  Hoarding (having more than what you “need,” as determined by the government) becomes a crime against the state.  Hoarded goods are subject to seizure.  The common folk must become equally poor while the government employees and officials, who know what’s best, line their pockets.  And, of course, people who speak out about the theft from and impoverishment of U.S. dollar-users, are also enemies of the state.  They may even be accused of encouraging illegal activities or inciting riots.  Who knows how much longer they will be allowed to speak, since they are obviously “unpatriotic.”

At some point, it becomes dangerous to warn people about what is coming and suggest ways to avoid the destruction of the dollar.  Furthermore, it no longer reaches people who want to be saved while they can still protect themselves from a wasteful government and the coming inflation tsunami.

Best wishes,

Robert F. Sennholz

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