The 99 percent Movement

Following is the principle of the 99% movement:

No American’s income should exceed that of 99% of other Americans.

The rationale: Given that we’re all created equal, it’s not fair that anyone should be that much richer than everyone else, and have that much more means at their disposal to pursue happiness—a pursuit we all have an equal right to. This is America after all—why should some people live like kings?


So who made the 99%ers king?  What gives them the right to determine what is “fair” and who should have how much?

I’ve always loved the word “fair.”  It’s so ambiguous because it has a different meaning for everyone.  What’s fair to one person may not be fair to the next person.  In this case, the “99% movement” doesn’t think it’s fair for some people to be sooo rich, while others are sooo poor.

I don’t think it’s fair to take from someone who is productive and give the fruits of his labor to someone who doesn’t work.

Let’s not forget that some people don’t care whether they are financially rich and therefore aren’t jealous of the folks who have more than they do.

Let’s not forget that some people are more interested in other pursuits regardless of the money it makes them.

Let's not forget that the founders of our country defined “created equal” as being equal before the law, and realized that people aren’t created equal when it comes to brains, motivation, and/or inhibitions/superstitions, or the will to earn money.

Let’s not forget that if we forcibly take from productive people to give to unproductive people, there is less of an incentive for anyone to work hard or be creative.

Let’s not forget that if we don’t protect property rights, anyone can steal things that belong to others (whether as individuals or as a government).

Let’s not forget that if we place a limit on how much Americans can earn, they will work less or move elsewhere where there is no limit.

Let’s not forget that if we place a limit on how much Americans can keep, that they will work less, send their money elsewhere, or become much more clandestine in their behavior (less trusting of others who want to take what they didn’t earn).

Let’s not forget that if we simply print more money as a means of redistributing the wealth, that each currency unit will become worth less until the money eventually becomes worthless.

Let’s not forget that if we continue to fight wars around the world without regard to cost, our government will consume our wealth and then borrow money from the rest of the world until we become dependent upon others and “our” wealth will no longer be ours to redistribute.

Let’s not forget that the U.S. government has consumed much of our capital, thus eliminating jobs, sending capital overseas, and creating inflation around the world.

And now the 99%ers want to redistribute what little is left???  Where do they draw the line?  What if someone resists or moves elsewhere?  Should we go after them for trying to keep what is theirs?  Or, maybe we should just behead them and distribute all their wealth???

By the way, we all do have the right to pursue happiness, we just can’t take (either legally or illegally) that which belongs to others to accomplish it.

Robert Jackson Smith


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